Files & Folder


Clip File

The plastic clip files are known for their durability and reliable performance throughout their life time. Clip file is available in different colors and in A/4 and F/s sizes. The clip helps in keeping your documents in place as office file.

Display Book

The display book is available in different capacities i.e. 10,20,30,40,50,60,80 & 100 Pockets in both A4 and F/s size with the option of choosing in different colors. They are thick, durable, smooth opening safe and inner pockets for long & easy filling as office files. Its specially designed back-spine makes it easy for classification & storage.

Report file

The report file is manufactured from the high quality polypropylene (PP) which gives the file great strength and long life as office file. Report file is available in 5 different colors. Report files are mainly used for holding and presenting project reports, official proposals, conference documents etc.

Ring File

The ring file is available in the choice of the 2-D ring, 2-O ring, and 3-D ring and in different colors. It is made of high quality polypropylene sheet (PP) and metal clips for hassle free use. It has specially designed inner pocket to hold for loose sheet and business cards. It comes with a plastic pressure clip bar (Stopper) to press down papers firmly.

Spring File

 The spring file is available in different colors and in A/4 and F/s size. Spring files are used to arrange bulk quantities of papers and documents in office files. These spring files have good quality hard bound covers made of high quality polypropylene  sheets (PP) which gives it long life.

Conference Folder

Conference folder are used for keeping loose documents, brochures, non-punched sheets, CD’s, notepads etc. Its elastic closure keeps documents safe and arranged. They are appropriate for the conference, seminars etc. Conference folders are also available in attractive colors as office files.

Strip File

The strip file is made of high quality polypropylene (PP). It is available in attractive transparent colors and in A/4 and F/s size. Strip file is ideal for small presentations, project reports, seminars etc.Its high quality side strip holds the documents strongly and prevents them from slipping. They are long lasting and durable files. Its clear front cover helps in identification of documents. They are best used in schools, colleges, offices file, hospitals etc.

My Clear Bag

We manufacture my clear bag from the latest automatic technology. These are available at very attractive prices and colours.

My clear bag is available in attractive transparent colors allowing maximum visibility and makes identification of  documents inside easy. Its smooth button closure ensures easy use and secures the documents. It is best for storing loose papers, documents, notes etc.

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